Mobile Application Development

Crisiltech the frontiers of Mobile Apps Development work on tailor made mobile applications that take the business acumen to newer heights. Crisiltech employs the most brilliant, tech-obsessed Mobile Application developers and engineers in the field and utilise the synergy of Business Consultants from multiple industrial verticals. The skill sets of our tech savvy resources are exhibited through creation of mobile applications that align well with the business needs of our clients. The enormous expertise of our Mobile applications development is customer centric, quality driven and is with the right utilization of mobile technology platforms like Apple iphone, Apple iPad, Andriod, MS Windows, Blackberry and Symbian.

Areas of App Development Expertise

  • Business App
  • Finance & Sales App
  • Sports, Game App
  • eBooks & News App
  • Maps, Navigation App
  • Travelling App
  • Healthcare App
  • Lifestyle App
  • Social Networks App
  • Entertainment App
  • m-Commerce Solutions
  • Multimedia App
  • Weather forecasting App
  • Live Score App Web Service Integration
  • Widget Development Theme, Mock, Icon, Designing

Website Design & Development

Crisiltech creates excellent websites which bring in more business to the clients. We are a passionate web development company that uses cutting-edge technology to create dynamic web applications and web environments. Be it a simple website or an advanced portal, we make sure that our solutions work seamlessly.

Crisiltech delivers quality web design services. Your website should grab the attention of a casual visitor within 4 seconds, or else you risk losing that customer, who may probably go to a competitor’s website. Our innovations coupled with the experience in the industry make us able to deliver high quality websites which grab the attention of casual web users/customers.

Web Based CRM

We can provide CRM solutions which meet the various requirements of the clients. If your business needs a solution that can't be managed by an off-the-shelf package, then you are our ideal customer. We analyse your business model, its dynamics and people and after thoroughly understanding it, we start developing a web-based CRM solution. Our custom solutions will enable the clients to make customer relationship stronger, increase productivity and streamline processes.

Content Management System

At Crisiltech , we use a number of different CMS systems including our own custom designed CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Word Press and others. We always design systems which ensure a collaborative environment to create and publish content. All our CMS systems are SEO-friendly.

Social Networking Solutions

Crisiltech understands the significance of social networking in the present social and economic scenario. Business Social Networking enables businesses to reach their end-customers cost effectively. It also creates a platform for businesses to communicate constantly with a large base of customers and potential customers. Specialised Social Networking is going to be tomorrow's largest and fastest growing media sector. If you want to develop a Specialised Social Networking platform to meet all your personal and business objectives, Crisiltech can help you with its expertise and experience.

Web Application Development

Effective web presence and web-enabled enterprise applications are the success mantra of any business today. Crisiltech is experienced in analysing the clients’ applications and systems and then re-engineering existing legacy stand-alone systems. Our expertise in providing web solutions and developing web applications will help clients get a competitive edge in the market.

E-Commerce Websites

Our e-commerce solutions provide a great shopping experience for the end- users. We design e-commerce solutions to increase the conversion rate. Be it a simple e-commerce site with only a few items to sell or a multi-categorised inventory, our talented resources can design solutions that help enhance the business of the clients. Our solutions will also enable the client to manage his business with ease.

IT infrastructural Solutions

An optimised IT infrastructure can create value for enterprises by leveraging existing technology assets, help move with emerging trends and create a very robust and efficient internal operational processes. With a proven consulting-led approach, Crisiltech enables enterprises to leverage emerging technologies while optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Our complete spectrum of services help the companies build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of their businesses in multi-sourcing scenario. Our offerings are based on the assess, build, manage and transform framework.

  • LAN/WAN design, Installation & Management
  • Managed Site to Site VPN
  • Wireless Networking
  • PC repair & Troubleshooting
  • Internet Integration
  • Network Security
  • Remote Access Technology
  • Transformation Solutions

Online Marketing

Online Marketing can be a highly effective and versatile marketing and advertising strategy for both businesses and consumers. From a business standpoint, the various methods of online marketing are a very cost-effective means of advertising products and services. It uses minimal advertising expense, which provides an opportunity for companies with smaller advertising budgets to distribute information regarding their product to a wide range of potential customers. Larger companies can use Online Marketing as an alternative or a supplement to traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest ways to market your products or services. The Viral Marketing effect achieved by a well designed Social Media Marketing campaign is truly amazing. Crisiltech can help the clients create effective social media marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

Today everyone strives to improve visibility of his/her website by gaining a top position in search results. Organic SEO practices coupled with specific industry knowledge will help you attain this goal. At Crisiltech, we have the expertise to improve your site’s visibility in search results. Our SEO services are sure to help you increase your traffic flow by 100% to 3,000%.

Pay Per Click Management

PPC is a great way to get instant traffic into your website. The real key here is to manage your Pay-Per-Click spending and ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment. The resources at Crisiltech will help you monitor your PPC spending and ensure increased value with every click.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has come a long way from being just a form of direct marketing. At Crisiltech, we know how to develop and design effective targeted Email Marketing campaigns with a strong call to action that will result in improved sales and good return on investment.

Website Analytics

In business, it is necessary to analyse the past in order to change the future. Web Analytics enables the client to make sense of all the statistics and trends that are captured by his/her website. It also helps the clients understand and analyse the factors that are working or not working for the business and thus assists in running the business with focused strategies and business plans.

Cloud Services

Crisiltech cloud services provide effective solutions for business problems as well as measurable and tangible business outcomes. The ERP and CRM offered over cloud helps the organisations to streamline the Inventory, Planning, Purchase, Finance, Sales, Operations and overall customer service Quality. Our professional services for the cloud address various aspects of cloud adoption. These provide companies with business agility, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Our professional services for the cloud include:

  • Cloud strategy and planning for developing a cloud roadmap
  • Cloud enablement for secure, private, hybrid, and service provider clouds
  • Cloud brokerage for bringing together private and public clouds, and enterprise assets
  • Cloud migration for service onboarding and best-in-class business services
  • Cloud application development for native cloud services
  • Cloud security for delivering secure hybrid cloud services
  • Cloud sustenance for quality of service (QoS) and ecosystem governance

Business Management Softwares & Solutions

Crisiltech offers various software application tools that empower the enterprises to access, store, and share and utilise resources effectively with any of their internal disciplines and customers at anytime, anywhere.

We offer CRM solutions across the following industry verticals:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Insurance
  • Hi-Tech
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Travel, Transport and Hospitality

Enterprise Mobility

As a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, we offer the enterprises the flexible ways of working along with the security and compliance that ensures seamless continuity of operations. Crisiltech can empower our client’s employees to work, meet and collaborate anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office—simply and securely.

With the help of our mobility solutions, our client organizations are able to:

  • Empower executives to work anywhere using their own personal devices in the same way they would at their desk, with full access to apps and data.
  • Increase executive productivity by providing enterprise application access from mobile devices.
  • Enable easy, secure file sharing for executives without introducing unnecessary risk to their organization. The IT management team within the organisation are able to secure and control business information to maintain protection, privacy and compliance to the highest level.
  • Improve collaboration for executives who are constantly on the move by providing online meetings with high-definition audio and video conferencing. They are able to interact and collaborate with co-workers just as easily as if they are physically located in the same place.

We offer enterprises the complete spectrum of mobility services — from envisioning and business consulting to mobile-based business solutions, intellectual property-based mobile technology solutions, mobile technology services (mobile application development and maintenance, mobile testing services), and industry-focused mobility solutions.

POS & Retail Solutions

Boost your company’s productivity and enhance customer service with the help of high performing POS devices and retail software solutions which Crisiltech offers. The solutions are well engineered and designed to deliver high performance, compactness, reliability and energy efficiency, as well as industry-leading serviceability. We offer our clients irrespective of their industry the POS and retail solutions that gives them total store control, access to real time reports, secure transactions and a completely custom made interface to operate.

We design and deliver the e-commerce and retail solutions around the operations model specific to the needs of our customers, staff and often budget. Our systems are easy for the administrators and end users to use and are affordable because we partner and resale/develop some of the best available
e-commerce and retail software solutions in the world today.

Animation & Video Production

At Crisiltech we care about keeping that promise by getting your idea across and conveying its awesomeness in a concise manner, but we take it one step further by entertaining your users with a fun and engaging story, charming characters, infographics and animated visuals.

It’s like a first impression of your business that tells your users that you are professional, concerned with usability and simply fun!

Corporate Video Production

Explain your companies business, products, services in a very concise and professional manner with the help of our creative video production facility. The videos which are created help the company to grab attention for viewers and encourage users to share it through social media networks. You can use these videos to promote your website, promote the companies services through Youtube, show it as a presentation to your prospective clients and even run as it in LED display screens in the reception of the company or use in events/ fairs.

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